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What Happens in a Collision with a Commercial Vehicle?

Commercial drivers are subject to stricter licensing requirements and regulations than regular drivers are. Despite more training and more regulations, commercial drivers cause collisions. The massive weight and size of many commercial vehicles make it difficult for their drivers to navigate turns, change lanes and slow down. Accidents involving commercial vehicles often result in serious injuries or fatalities.

These types of accidents also pose different and more complicated legal concerns than other traffic accidents. Insurance issues are more complex, and multiple parties may be involved, including not only the commercial driver but also their employer, and the company who hired them to carry a load. Experienced legal guidance is especially valuable in these types of cases.

Maximizing Your Recovery

Youngers Law understands how to navigate the legal intricacies of commercial vehicle accidents. Joleen Youngers works hard to build strong cases for her clients. When you turn to her for help, she will carefully examine the unique circumstances of your case to pursue maximum financial recovery.

Ms. Youngers has decades of experience handling cases across New Mexico. She and her staff help people like you get through difficult and stressful times by lifting your legal burdens. Her clients find peace of mind knowing that their cases are in caring and capable hands.

Types of Commercial Vehicles

Attorney Youngers handles cases involving any type of commercial vehicle, including:

  • 18-wheelers and freight trucks
  • Cement trucks and construction vehicles
  • Oil and gas service trucks
  • Package delivery trucks (FedEx, UPS, Amazon)
  • Food delivery cars
  • Utility trucks
  • Commercial buses and shuttles

The rapidly growing oil and gas business in New Mexico has led to the creation of “boomtowns” and numerous jobs for drivers of service vehicles. Unfortunately, because of the high demand for such drivers, many are not properly qualified or trained for the job. They are also often overworked, which can lead to driver fatigue. If you were involved in an accident with an oil or gas vehicle, Attorney Youngers and her team can help.

Commercial Vehicle Collisions Require Experienced Legal Advocacy

To arrange a free consultation with the firm’s lawyer, contact Youngers Law online or call 505-933-8480 or 575-636-2057. The firm handles these cases on a contingent fee basis, so you will pay nothing upfront. The firm serves clients throughout the state.