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Holding New Mexico Doctors and Hospitals Accountable for Medical Negligence

We literally put our lives in the hands of medical professionals. We trust them to find and fix what ails us and to adhere to their oath to “do no harm.”  When physicians make careless mistakes or take shortcuts, it can have a profound and lasting impact, including irreversible injury or death.

Youngers Law can pursue justice if you believe you or your loved was harmed by medical malpractice. Attorney Joleen Youngers has over 30 years of litigation experience, including lawsuits against physicians and hospitals. Based in Santa Fe, she and her team practice throughout New Mexico. Find out where you stand with a free case evaluation.

Examples of Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence takes many forms, such as:

  • Birth injury — Improper delivery technique or failure to foresee complications can result in brain damage, paralyzed limbs and other harm to the infant
  • Surgical error injury — Operating on the wrong part, leaving surgical instruments inside the patient, anesthesia errors, or severing nerves often trace to failure to follow protocols
  • Medication errors — Prescribing, administering or dispensing the wrong drug or wrong dose can cause severe complications
  • Failure to diagnose — Failing to diagnose a life-threatening condition such as heart attack or stroke can have fatal consequences. Failing to diagnose a treatable illness such as cancer in early stages is a lost opportunity to defeat the disease.

These are just a sample of what might constitute medical malpractice. Youngers Law, PA can determine if you have a case.

Medical Malpractice Takes Full Commitment

Not every medical mistake or adverse outcome is malpractice. There must be lasting harm to the patient and evidence that the doctor, nurse or technician strayed from accepted medical practices or ignored clear signs or patient complaints. A medical malpractice investigation asks “Was this preventable? Where did the medical staff go wrong?”

Some law firms do not take “med mal” cases because they are expensive and hard-fought. Joleen Youngers will invest the energy and resources to pursue a viable malpractice case. She is a skilled and tenacious trial lawyer whose only goal is rightful compensation for what her clients have suffered. Her knowledge and experience is your advantage in holding negligent physicians and hospitals accountable.

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