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Our society and our economy rely on honest, ethical behavior to flourish and thrive. Whistleblowers play a central role in bringing unethical or unlawful activities to light. They are the unsung heroes who help promote public safety and keep the playing field fair for everyone.

What is a Whistleblower?

The term “whistleblower” generally refers to an employee who reports unethical conduct occurring within their place of employment to an outside agency. It also refers to an employee who refuses to participate in unethical conduct or to go along with unlawful schemes.

Whistleblowing can concern a broad range of unlawful or unethical conduct, including:

  • Safety violations
  • Unlawful acts
  • Acts involving waste or misappropriation of government funds or resources
  • Fraud or misrepresentation
  • Financial mismanagement or waste
  • Tax violations
  • Environmental violations
  • Unethical or illegal business practices

All too often, these heroes face illegal retaliation as a result of standing up for what is right. They often lose their jobs and may even face defamation or slander as their employers attempt to save face and avoid the consequences. Fortunately, whistleblowers have important rights under state and federal laws.

Protecting Society’s Unsung Heroes

If you have suffered retaliation at your job as a result of reporting or refusing to engage in unethical behavior, Joleen K. Youngers and her staff can help. At Youngers Law, PA, in Santa Fe and Las Cruces, she protects whistleblowers’ rights across the state. She is dedicated to providing caring, competent legal representation. Backed by years of experience, she works diligently to help people like you seek justice.

When it seems like the world is against you, you can turn to attorney Youngers for honest, reliable legal guidance. Depending on the circumstances of your case, she may be able to obtain various forms of relief for you, including financial recovery for your lost wages and lost benefits. You may also be able to get your job back. She can guide you through your options for recovery.

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