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Is Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Trustworthy?

If you entrusted your loved one’s care to a nursing home, then you may have been shocked when you noticed patterns of neglect or abuse. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is rampant. Consistent understaffing, lack of training and simple inattention can cause serious long-term injuries to nursing home residents. The lawyer at Youngers Law takes this wrongdoing very seriously.

Joleen K. Youngers and her staff are known throughout New Mexico for seeking justice for those who have been wronged. She prepares families for complex legal encounters and helps them protect their loved ones, obtain proper financial compensation and medical care, and put a stop to the chronic elder neglect issues in New Mexico.

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Why Does Nursing Home Neglect Occur?

Right now, you are likely feeling angry and frustrated, and you probably have many questions. In the midst of your legal questions and difficult emotions, you may simply be wondering: How can something like this happen?

Institutionalized elder care has expanded drastically over the past few decades. Unfortunately, this means that the state is scrambling to appropriately regulate those care homes, and improper care can occur without notice. There are many reasons why neglect occurs, but the top three causes are poor training, lack of resources and understaffing. It often comes down to putting profits over people’s care.

In any case, there is no excuse for neglect or abuse in a nursing home or other care facility. Patients suffering from neglect often struggle with serious illnesses, lack of treatment and painful injuries, causing families to grieve.

Take Action Today on Behalf of Your Loved One

The firm’s attorney will work to help you gain the financial compensation that you and your loved ones deserve. She can identify areas of neglect and hold nursing homes accountable for abuse and neglect. Schedule an appointment by calling 505-933-8480 or 575-636-2057 or contacting the firm online. It has offices in Santa Fe and Las Cruces and serves clients throughout New Mexico.