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The importance of dashcams

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Dash cameras are devices that record continuous video feeds. They’re frequently mounted to the dashboard or windshield of cars. Many people install single-pointed cameras that face toward the front of their cars. For rearview video, certain cameras can be installed by the back windshield. Many modern vehicles have dashcams preinstalled. 

Many people who don’t understand the benefits of dashcams never consider installing one in their cars. But, a dashcam could be useful for insurance claims and legal battles. Here’s what you should know:

Taking unbiased feed of an accident

Video evidence of an accident can show whether a driver was a victim or the person who caused the collision for an insurance claim or legal dispute. This video may capture actions from aggressive, intoxicated or distracted drivers. 

For example, a forward-facing camera may capture evidence that the driver in front was acting aggressively by brake-checking the driver. Or, a rearview camera could capture the moment a speeding car rear-ended the vehicle. If a car drove across a busy intersection while the light was red, a 360-degree camera may take video of it.

Some dashcams also include impact sensors. Even if the automobile is not started, these sensors could cause a camera to switch on. If someone’s automobile is broken into or if someone crashes into a parked car, this feature could also prove useful. 

A lot of victims do not receive fair compensation because the cause of an accident is unclear.  In cases where it is not evident who caused an accident, a dashcam could be extremely useful. A claim that the victim caused the accident could also be refuted by video footage. Victims suffering from auto injuries may need to learn about their legal rights to be compensated for their injuries and medical bills.