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3 times a driver may try to talk someone out of reporting a crash

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions are the risk that everyone accepts for the convenience of on-demand transportation. Even those who maintain their vehicles very carefully and consistently follow traffic laws never know when they might cross paths with someone who drinks before driving or otherwise makes unsafe choices in traffic.

When crashes occur, New Mexico state statutes mandate that the parties involved in the collision submit a written report, usually by contacting the local police department. However, sometimes the party at fault for the crash will try to convince the other people involved that reporting the collision isn’t necessary. They might make promises to pay for someone’s costs with their own resources to avoid a crash report and an insurance claim. Drivers who make such suggestions are often motivated by one of the three issues below.

They don’t have a license

Drivers in New Mexico can lose their driver’s license for issues ranging from repeated traffic infractions to drunk driving. Other times, a simple failure to submit paperwork and fees to the state can be enough for someone to lose their driving privileges temporarily. Those caught driving without a license may face a number of consequences, which is one reason why people may ask to circumvent reporting requirements after a wreck.

They don’t have insurance

Just like every driver should have a license to legally operate a vehicle on public roads, the state also requires liability insurance coverage from drivers. Those who have let their policies lapse or even intentionally canceled their coverage could still potentially cause a crash and then not have the financial resources to reimburse the other party involved in the wreck.

They have broken another law

There are plenty of cases in which someone has a driver’s license and insurance but may have violated some other law. They may know that they are under the influence of drugs, for example, or perhaps they have something illegal in their vehicle that they don’t want police officers to find. They might be on probation or otherwise at risk of experiencing enhanced penalties for a simple collision.

Those who would try to convince someone to violate state law could very easily fail to follow through on their promises to reimburse someone for property damage and injury expenses. Filing a proper police report is crucial for those involved in a New Mexico car crash who hope to pursue compensation from the other driver or their insurance carrier, as doing so can help to safeguard their rights and interests alike.