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Avoid these mistakes after getting hurt on another’s property

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2023 | Personal Injury

Like most people, you probably expect to be reasonably safe from harm when you go to the supermarket or a neighbor’s pool party. Unfortunately, not everyone worries about the personal safety of others – not even seasoned business owners.

Some people laugh when you hear about a slip-and-fall, but premises injuries occur frequently, and many are quite severe. It is good to have legal options when injured due to dangerous property conditions. However, mistakes like the ones below could compromise your premises liability claim.

Not reporting the incident

After an accident on property other than your own, report the incident to the owner or someone in charge immediately, even if you feel okay.

If the accident happens in a commercial setting, ask for an incident report to complete to lay the foundation for a possible future claim. If it happens at someone’s home, tell the homeowner what happened. Consider taking down the contact information of those who might have witnessed the accident.

Not getting a medical assessment

Medical evidence is critical in car accident injury cases, but it is equally important in a premises liability claim. The property owner or their insurer will likely demand proof of your injuries before handing over any money.

If the case goes to court, the judge will also expect to see medical evidence supporting your claim. Since many injuries do not show symptoms at first, get a checkup even if you appear uninjured.

Consider learning more about New Mexico injury compensation laws before you file your claim. Legal guidance may help to ensure you are well informed about your options.