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Take care on social media after a motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is becoming increasingly understood that someone’s preoccupation with their phone or other electronic devices may not be a manifestation of rudeness. Instead, millions of Americans are effectively addicted to their devices. The Digital Age certainly doesn’t allow for an easy break from entertainment-based screen time, let alone emails, texts, search engines and social media accounts.

Social media allows professionals to network and loved ones to stay in touch. It also allows people to connect with others who share their common interests and to express their thoughts on any issue under the sun. As a result, if you’re tempted to post about a recent car crash or the injuries you sustained as a result of it, that temptation is understandable. However, it is also important to resist this.

Why does social media activity matter after a crash?

Because insurance claims adjusters and opposing counsel can generally access social media activity – including accounts that have their privacy settings maxed – it is vitally important that you not post anything that could be misinterpreted, twisted or used directly as evidence to undermine the strength of your case.

An effort as seemingly innocuous as posting a picture of you playing outside with your dog could be interpreted as a sign that you are not really as hurt as you claim to be. As a result, you’ll want to stay off social media until your case is resolved, if you can. 

If you can’t reasonably stay off of social media, scrutinize everything you’re about to post before you do. Otherwise, all of the committed legal advocacy you can get your hands on may not be able to undo the effects of something that you post.