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3 ways businesses can protect visitors from criminal activity

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2023 | Personal Injury

Premises liability claims are the result of poor maintenance practices in many cases. People get hurt because of dirty floors or other trip or slip hazards. However, inadequate security is also a concern when people visit apartment buildings or businesses. 

Criminal activity is a risk anywhere there are people, and it would be impossible for a landlord or business to prevent all crime. However, companies and property owners may be responsible for reasonably predictable crimes that occur on their premises. 

The three security measures below are common-sense ways for companies to protect visitors from criminal activity:

1. Adequate lighting

Indoor lights are obviously important to avoid dark spaces where assaults and attacks might occur. Outdoor lighting is equally important. Some research shows that motion-activated parking lot lights can have a significant impact on crime rates.

2. Security cameras and signage

When those thinking about committing a crime look around an area, they take note of whether there are cameras and where those cameras point. Businesses that have multiple indoor and outdoor security cameras can deter many impulsive criminals. Additionally, the footage captured could help with the prosecution of anyone who commits a crime at the property. 

3. Security professionals

Few things deter bad actors as much as dedicated security staff. From bouncers working at popular bars to overnight security professionals patrolling hotel parking lots, the presence of a trained security professional can go a long way toward deterring criminal activity at a business or apartment building. 

Those injured due to criminal activity who recognize that the property owner did not take meaningful steps to protect visitors from the reasonable risk of crime may have grounds to bring a claim. Pursuing a premises liability claim over inadequate security can benefit the victim of a crime and protect others from experiencing similar issues.