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Tailgating is aggressive, extremely dangerous driving

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you drive very much at all in New Mexico, you have probably seen one driver tailgating another. Tailgating is extremely dangerous for a number of reasons, but the main issue is that the driver of the rear vehicle simply will not have time to stop if the driver in front of them has to. People who tailgate can very quickly lose control of their vehicle, and the results can be catastrophic.

Tailgating is often a form of road rage

There is never an excuse for road rage. However, congested traffic can make some drivers particularly frustrated and aggressive, and their road rage may take the form of tailgating. Whether rage is actually a factor or the tailgater is trying to tell a slower driver to change lanes, tailgating is illegal, aggressive, extremely dangerous behavior.

What can you do if you’re being tailgated?

If you are being tailgated, safety should be your top priority. Do not retaliate in any way against a tailgater. If it is safe to do so on a highway with a passing lane, you can move into the slower lane of traffic.

If the tailgater is following too closely on a two-lane road, you may consider pulling off onto the shoulder to let the tailgater pass, but do not do this if it is unsafe.

You can also call the police to report a tailgater. If you are driving, ask a passenger to call the police and provide the tailgater’s license plate number if possible.

If you suffer injuries because of a tailgater’s actions, you may be entitled to significant compensation for medical bills and other costs resulting from the injury. To learn more about personal injury claims, please see our Personal Injury FAQ.