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What are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in New Mexico?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motorcyclists understand the freedom and enjoyment of riding, whether it’s your primary mode of transportation or a hobby on your days off. But sadly in New Mexico, motorcyclists often suffer serious injuries due to no fault of their own, but rather because of the inattention or recklessness of other drivers.

Determining fault for the accident

New Mexico is a pure comparative fault state, which means that the insurance of any driver or entity determined to be at fault in a crash will be responsible to compensate for any injuries or other harms caused by the crash. Here are some common causes of motorcycle injuries and deaths in New Mexico:

  • Inattentive and reckless drivers: A motorcyclist is at risk when other drivers fail to pay attention, whether as a result of texting, phone conversations or other distractions. A common occurrence is the failure of drivers to notice motorcyclists when merging lanes, coming off ramps, turning left in front of oncoming traffic, or making right turns.
  • Manufacturing defects: These hazards to motorcycle riders come in many forms, including brake issues, tire pressure or air leaks, oil leaks, motorcycle jacket protection failures, helmet defects, and light and signal malfunctions.
  • Improper or negligent maintenance: Collisions can occur when a motorcycle has not been properly repaired or maintained.
  • Road hazards: Even small road work changes can have dire consequences for motorcycle riders. The combination of differentiation in road surfaces plus changing environmental conditions can be particularly dangerous to motorcyclists.

Pursuing much-needed compensation

Even when car passengers emerge unharmed from a motorcycle-car collision, the motorcycle rider could be severely injured. Victims of motorcycle injuries often face years of pain and recovery with the potential for significant loss of income and other money worries. If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, talk to an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.