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Non-physical consequences of car accidents

by | Sep 13, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Drivers in New Mexico who are involved in car accidents know that injuries and physical damage to the vehicles are just some of the consequences. Many accidents also result in non-physical effects such as emotional distress and post-traumatic stress. These can be short-term outcomes, but they can also last a long time, resulting in physical pain and debilitating mental issues.

According to, post-traumatic stress is common after the majority of car accidents. Feelings like guilt, worry, uneasiness and even anger can go away after a little while, but for some people they get stronger and begin to negatively affect normal life. Help should be sought in the following situations:

  • Sleeping and eating are affected
  • Reliance on drugs or alcohol to cope
  • Excessive irritability or anger
  • Feelings of anxiety or depression that do not subside, or get worse
  • Thoughts of suicide

FindLaw discusses that emotional distress may be included in pain and suffering claims arising out of accidents. For a claim to be valid, the victim must demonstrate that the accident resulted in mental harm such as depression, anxiety, humiliation or torment. Support for such claims can be found in treatment records for the condition, and also in the testimony of the injured person and persons who know them well. 

Along with records from medical and psychological professionals, it helps to show personal and documented records, such as a journal, outlining symptoms and mental state on a daily basis.