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Fog and the risk of a car accident

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

From driver fatigue to intoxication, there are countless reasons why motor vehicle wrecks occur. However, some are caused by factors that are out of human control, such as fog and other examples of poor weather. Whether you are worried about the risk of a crash while driving during a foggy morning or you have already been involved in a collision caused by poor visibility, it is essential to keep these risks in mind. Sadly, some reckless drivers do not and they endanger other lives by ignoring common sense traffic laws and driving erratically.

Fog can make it very hard or even impossible for a driver to see in front of them, which can be especially dangerous when people are driving around turns or over a steep incline. Moreover, fog can be very problematic when roads are busy due to people driving to work in the morning, some of whom may be in a rush and not paying as much attention to the road as they should be. When a driver is unable to see the road because it is foggy, they might veer into oncoming traffic or they could be driving too fast and collide with a vehicle in front of them.

As with all motor vehicle crashes, accidents that are caused by fog can cause devastating injuries or claim the life of someone who is involved in a collision. The motor vehicle accidents part of our website covers other topics that have to do with the consequences of an auto collision.