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Pool owners need to protect others and themselves

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Wrongful Death

If you are a pool owner in New Mexico, you have a big responsibility. Summer presents many opportunities for fun parties and get-togethers, and you need to take every possible measure to prevent drowning and other injuries in and around the pool.

FindLaw discusses some of the liabilities homeowners face when they have a pool on their property. Many owners may be aware they are liable when present on the property, but they are also liable if someone gains access to the pool when they are not home. Children, especially, are drawn to the concept legally known as attractive nuisance. This refers to something dangerous that is attractive to other parties. Because of this, homeowners need to make it nearly impossible for someone to gain entrance to the pool from the outside.

While insurance is important in many areas, someone who owns a pool must make sure he or she has enough coverage in the event something bad happens. Whether it is a drowning or injury from the pool chemicals, the damages associated with them can be large.

The CDC advises about additional precautions you can take to make sure no accidents happen. Being a responsible social host is important if serving alcohol, as this can take attention away from what is going on in the pool, and it can lead to risky behavior such as diving in shallow conditions.

Because young children are especially vulnerable to drowning, extra care needs to be taken when they are around. Making sure there is a fence around the pool, and that it remains locked when not in use, is very important. Someone should always be closely watching kids while they are in the water, and pool owners should know how to administer CPR.