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Are “lemon” cars covered under defective product laws?

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Personal Injury

Whether you have bought a new or used car from a New Mexico dealer, the expectation is that the car will perform according to standard from the moment you purchase it through a reasonable amount of time for the car’s operating lifespan. If the vehicle immediately causes problems that render it defective and inoperable after sale through no fault of your own and nothing related to a motor vehicle accident, that car may be what you call a “lemon.” So if your car is a lemon, are you covered by laws regarding defective product liability?

In a way. Most states have specific laws related to motor vehicle defects known as “lemon laws,” which cover this incidence outside of general product defect liability laws with special provisions unique to the automotive industry. New Mexico is no different, and the Better Business Bureau outlines general information regarding state lemon laws and protections afforded to consumers who purchase new or used vehicles that turn out to be defective. Generally, you have a number of rights and protections in which a manufacturer or seller is obligated to make a number of good faith attempts to repair the vehicle and bring it up to proper operating code.

If a manufacturer or seller does not attempt to repair the vehicle, then they are placing you at risk if you drive it. Defective vehicles frequently lead to car accidents and personal injury, or even death. This is why states implement lemon laws, to ensure the safety of yourself and the motorists around you while protecting from dangers from poorly operating vehicles.

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