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What are the top causes of car accidents in New Mexico?

by | Apr 20, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Sadly, we all know that every time a you get behind the wheel and take to New Mexico streets and highways, you are always facing some risk of a collision resulting in personal injury Even if you are an extremely safe driver, you cannot control or account for other drivers. Yet you can prevent a number of injuries and fatalities simply by being aware of factors leading to motor vehicle accidents, saving yourself and others a great deal of harm. So what are the largest factors impacting motor vehicle accidents in New Mexico?

According to the state’s annual report, driver inattention is the number one factor contributing to the majority of accidents. Driver inattention can come from a number of things, from texting while driving to talking on the phone, talking to other passengers, being distracted by things on the roadside or even talking to other passengers in the vehicle. The second and third highest factors come from failing to yield the right of way, and from driving too close. All it takes is one quick brake by the driver in front of you to lead to a collision if you are tailgating too close and not maintaining a minimum safe distance.

Fatalities may have different causes. The top cause of motor vehicle fatalities and wrongful deaths is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is followed by speeding, and lastly driver inattention, overlapping the number one cause of car crashes.

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