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How to increase safety on the construction site

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Work Accidents

Construction sites are prime places for accidents to happen, as the activity at them is always changing. Several different projects can be going on at once, each with its specialized equipment and a team of laborers and craftsmen.

If safety is not the priority for the management, some safeguards may not be in place for workers to safely to do their jobs. The recent death of a local worker death highlights the dangers of construction work. Here are some tips to increase safety while doing construction work.

Get in and out Safely

Falls are the number one cause of death on construction sites, and an often overlooked source of falls is getting in and out of large equipment. Paying attention to how you climb in and out of forklifts, trucks and other large equipment can make a large improvement in your ability to stay uninjured.

Make sure to use both hand and footholds or utilize a stepladder entirely, and don’t carry any objects when you get in or disembark. Keep at least three of your limbs in contact with the equipment at all times. Finally, simple things like making sure that your boots are free of slippery mud and refraining from jumping off of one of the steps make a difference in your injury risk.

Stay Grounded

Extra care and attention are needed when working with electrical equipment. Make sure all cords are protected as much as possible and grounded. The power supply needs to have a regulation-compliant circuit breaker. Never use worn electrical components and cables, and always wear correct protective gear for the type of work you’re doing.

Eliminate Distractions

A cell phone is a useful communication tool, but it can be a distraction on the job. It needs to be stowed away while working so you can fully focus. Another distraction is loud music. While some tunes make the day go faster, they don’t need to be blasted so that it’s hard to hear what is going on around the site.

Avoid Sketchy Scaffolding

Even though the job needs to get done, if scaffolding does not have a guardrail and is not fully constructed, don’t use it. Scaffold collapses are tragic and can be avoided with proper equipment inspection and approval and use of safety gear such as a harness.

A construction site injury can have lasting consequences for you and your family. When it comes to gaining the rightful compensation you need to support you and your loved ones, the services of experienced legal counsel can be invaluable.