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Pursuing action after sexual abuse

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Personal Injury

The pain and suffering you face in the event of sexual abuse in New Mexico communities can be catastrophic. No matter if the abuse was a one-time incident or a series of repeated incidents, you may deal with repercussions impacting your mental and physical health, capacity and happiness for the rest of your life. At Youngers Law we want nothing more than to see you receive the justice you deserve for such a heinous incident.

In particular, the abuse perpetuated by authority figures can be especially atrocious. Authority figures use their position of power and trust in the home or community to gain access to victims. The act of abuse violates not only the victim’s consent and body, but your trust. This breach of trust can deeply increase the impact of sexual abuse and trauma in both the long term and short term.

Organizations such as youth organizations, churches, volunteer organizations and community centers can be particularly vulnerable to predators who seek to take advantage of their constituents. Should you find yourself the victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault by a trusted person in your community, you may be able to pursue a case not only to prosecution and incarceration of your abuser, but for civil reparations that may support and advance your options for mental and physical recovery.

No one should be alone with the effects of sexual abuse. You deserve sensitive, compassionate support in pursuing your case. For more resources and information, please review our website and blog.