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Truck accidents involving deer

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Personal Injury

Truck drivers in New Mexico should pay closer attention to the road during the fall months in order to prevent collisions with deer. Although all vehicles are at risk during this time, big trucks pose additional safety issues due to their size. 

One of the reasons there are more deer around from September to November is because it is their mating season. The Insurance Information Institute also states that there has been a large increase in the deer population, and both rural and urban areas are seeing the effects. While these accidents result in vehicular damage, there is also the chance drivers and/or passengers will experience some type of injury due to the impact. If other vehicles are around, the presence of deer can also lead to collisions with another car or truck, significantly increasing the damage.

Consumer Reports shares with drivers tips about preventing deer collisions and how to minimize damage. A big part of prevention is being aware of the surroundings. Rural areas in which there is usually a high deer population often have signs on the road warning drivers. In these situations, drivers should watch their speed and practice caution. Deer also tend to be out in larger numbers around dawn and dusk, so drivers should be more aware during these hours.

If drivers see one deer cross the road, it is safe to assume there are others, as they tend to travel in groups. In order to avoid hitting them, drivers should firmly brake to slow the vehicle and avoid swerving. Trucks that swerve to avoid impact have an increased chance of either tipping over or hitting another vehicle on the road. Applying the horn has been shown to help warn deer to stay away. Typically deer alert systems, such as whistles, have been shown to be ineffective in preventing collisions.