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New Mexico’s new phone app to teach kids about dangers of drunk driving

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Keeping communities safe is an ongoing effort that requires multiple educational tools, and educating young people about particular dangers is a critical part of the puzzle.

Drunk driving remains a very serious problem among drivers young and old. Recently, the New Mexico Department of Transportation introduced a phone app that may be helpful to parents who want to prevent underage drinking and drunk driving.

The Zero Proof app attracts kids by offering selfie options, then provides tips for avoiding underage drinking.

In addition to offering selfie options, temporary tattoos, squeeze balls and other trinkets, the app provides tips for teens and tweens confronted by a variety of situations, including:

  • What to do “if someone is driving buzzed”
  • What to do “if your friend is passed out”
  • How to say no to alcohol when friends pressure you to drink

Generally, the app advises kids to:

  • Keep good company
  • Stick up for yourself by saying you don’t want to drink
  • Seek help from an adult if you find yourself in a difficult situation
  • Call 911 if there’s an emergency
  • Avoid getting into a vehicle with anyone who has been drinking

The app was developed with support from state and federal taxes. Parents and kids can access the free app via the Zero Proof website.