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Factors involved in fatal traffic accidents in New Mexico

by | Nov 13, 2017 | Wrongful Death

Driving takes a lot of concentration. Drivers in New Mexico should be aware of the most common factors that are involved in fatal accidents in the state. Knowing this data can help drivers take preventative action to keep themselves, other drivers and pedestrians safe on the road.

According to the University of New Mexico, 272 people have been killed in accidents so far this year. The majority of these accidents involved cars, with vans and SUVs coming in second and pedestrians coming in third. Alcohol was involved in 33.8 percent of the deaths, and the lack of seat belt usage was also involved 33.8 percent of the time. Another factor involved in some of the fatalities included the lack of helmet usage in the accidents involving motorcyclists.

There are a number of causes of vehicular crashes, and not all of them result in death. While alcohol and drug use are big factors, the CDC also states that distracted driving is a major cause of accidents across the country. Activities related to phone use have been recognized as being big deterrents to staying focused and attentive while driving. Texting has been shown to be the worst, as it includes cognitive, visual and manual types of distraction. In fact, paying attention to a text message can take a driver’s attention away from driving for a good five seconds, which is a critical amount of time especially in busy areas.

Using hands-free devices or stowing the phone away while driving are smart tools for prevention. Other things drivers can do to be safer include wearing seatbelts, obeying the speed limit and abstaining from impairing substances when on the road.