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Hazards from Livestock on Highways

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Personal Injury

The primary way that livestock – cattle and horses in particular – present a hazard to New Mexicans is by their presence on highways and roads. Often cattle are not seen on the road until it is too late, particularly when an unsuspecting driver comes upon a cow on a dark road at night. Under most circumstances, ranchers and livestock owners have a legal responsibility to keep livestock off the road. The New Mexico Department of Transportation also has a duty to build and maintain fences so that livestock do not get on highways.

Youngers Law has handled multiple lawsuits against livestock owners, ranchers and the Department of Transportation when death or serious injury has resulted from a vehicle hitting a cow or horse on the road. Currently the firm is handling a tragic wrongful death case that arose out of a collision resulting in the death of three people after the driver hit a black Angus cow on a remote highway.

Adequate fencing and fence maintenance is critical to keeping our roads safe and preventing the tragic accidents that can result from striking livestock on the roads.