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Seeking justice for an injury through civil litigation

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Personal Injury

After you have been hurt by someone else, your first thought may be about getting the medical attention you need at a New Mexico hospital. Following closely on the heels of that concern may be the cost of the care you need. If your injuries were caused by a person who acted carelessly, recklessly or negligently, the law might side with you in thinking that the one at fault should pay. We at Youngers Law have experience working with clients who want to seek compensation through litigation.

The American Association for Justice explains that although the act or failure to act that caused your injury was not criminal, you may still take the other party to court. The purpose of the civil justice system is to uphold fairness and equality in personal injury cases, and it does this by holding the party at fault accountable, enforcing reparation of harm and preventing injuries in the future.

The court will consider what you need based on your injuries. While the most obvious answer would be help paying your medical bills, there are many other damages that may also qualify for compensation. For example, if you missed a week of work, a judge may award you the amount of the wages you lost. Non-monetary damages such as your pain and suffering and your mental anguish may also be compensated, and the judge or jury has discretion in how these may be valued. Impairments, diminished quality of life and the loss of the use of your property may also be evaluated and compensated.

Large financial awards may draw attention to personal injury cases and to the behaviors or activities that sparked the situation. Other people or businesses may be much more careful to avoid harming someone else if they see that the party that harmed you suffered financially, and possibly through a damaged reputation, as well. More information about seeking justice in the civil court system is available on our webpage.