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What are some weather-related hazards that can cause a crash?

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether you are commuting to work, running errands or driving for any other reason, there are all sorts of potential dangers that can lead to an accident. Sometimes these crashes are caused by negligent drivers, such as those who fail to follow traffic safety laws or drive while they are drunk or otherwise impaired. However, there are other things you should keep an eye out for when behind the wheel, such as potentially dangerous New Mexico weather.

The Federal Highway Administration draws attention to many of the different weather hazards that drivers face. In fact, weather conditions can increase the likelihood of a traffic accident in various ways. For example, you may lose control of your vehicle while driving on roads that are covered in snow or ice. Or icy roads may cause a driver who is driving too fast to veer into your lane.

However, there are other weather-related dangers that could cause an accident and may be present during the summertime. For example, severe rainfall or fog could hamper visibility and lead to an accident. In New Mexico, significant wind often results in dust being whipped up, blocking a driver’s view of the road. Additionally, wind could cause a tree or branches to fall on the road, which may prompt drivers to swerve out of their lane and drive around the obstacle.

If all drivers were safe and cautious, traffic accidents would be far less common. Sadly, some do not care or are even reckless, and they must be held responsible when they cause a crash.