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Piecing life together after a pedestrian accident

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether you walk to work or elsewhere because it is more convenient than driving or you simply like to get some exercise, you may face various risks as a pedestrian. If you walk along busy roads, a driver may strike you while you are crossing the street or because they swerved onto the crosswalk. At Youngers Law, we are all too familiar with how hard these accidents can be for victims. Even quiet and rural roads can be dangerous for pedestrians to walk on. If a car has struck you or a family member of yours, recovering in every way possible, or at least trying to, is vital.

Sadly, pedestrians who are hit by cars and trucks of all sizes may face an uphill battle. Not only do they sometimes lose their lives, leaving loved ones with permanent pain and other challenges, but they may have to endure devastating injuries that cause a great deal of suffering. On top of physical limitations and pain, pedestrian incidents can cause mental trauma and financial hardship. For example, an injured pedestrian may have to take time off of work after the accident, or they could be having trouble with hospital costs.

Regardless of the challenges you may be facing, you should try to use every tool that can potentially help you move forward. If a reckless driver has virtually shattered your life, they must be held responsible for their behavior. On our motor vehicle accidents page, you will be able to access more information related to pedestrian accidents and other topics similar to this issue.