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Recovering from a construction site accident

by | May 3, 2017 | Personal Injury

While workers in all fields face an array of risks on-the-job, those who are employed in the construction industry often work in a particularly hazardous environment. Across the state of New Mexico, construction workers may be injured on job sites in many different ways. From dangerous equipment to ladder falls and other accidents, Youngers Law understands how devastating these injuries can be for workers as well as their families.

If you are a carpenter, painter, laborer, electrician or are employed in any construction trade, the workplace can be dangerous for many reasons. Electrocution, exposure to toxic chemicals, scaffolding mishaps and falling debris are just some of the hazards that you may encounter every single day at work. Unfortunately, even if you abide by all safety regulations, are properly trained and always watch out for dangers, someone else’s negligence may leave you injured or even result in the loss of your life.

After an accident, you should focus on moving forward in every possible way. Whether you are struggling with medical costs, a decrease in your income due to missed work, physical pain or any other hardships, there may be resources available to help you restore a bit of normalcy. For example, you may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Depending on the details of what occurred, you may even want to look into holding those responsible for your injury accountable.

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