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The legal team at Youngers Law stands up for ordinary people to seek justice for the physical, emotional and financial harm you or your loved one have suffered. Full compensation takes full commitment.

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Seeking legal help can be intimidating. Maybe you’ve never met with a lawyer before. Or maybe you had a bad experience with an attorney who didn’t seem to care about your situation. Fortunately, not all lawyers are like that.

Joleen Youngers and her staff provide caring and committed legal advocacy. You are treated as a person, not just a case number. Just as importantly, you are represented by a strong litigator with three decades of experience fighting for people who have been harmed by negligence or intentional acts.

A Local Attorney
Shepherding Your Case

Out-of-state law firms may put on the full-court press to sign you up. But will they be there for you down the road? Will they ignore your phone calls when you have questions or when problems arise? Will they abruptly drop your case if they can’t get an easy settlement?

Youngers Law is an established and trusted firm in New Mexico. Joleen Youngers has practiced law in New Mexico for over 30 years. She’s familiar with the roadways notorious for crashes. She has cultivated good relations with the area judges and court personnel. When you are depending on full compensation, there’s no substitute for an experienced local attorney who cares about getting a good result for you.

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Inadequate Security

Civil Rights Violations

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You are not a case number at Youngers Law. You deserve dignity, compassion and personal attention in the pursuit of justice.